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About Us

Welcome to Athena Spirit jewelry!

Botanical Gifts is a small family company owned by myself, Lorraine Randall, and my husband of 33 years, Dave. Just so it is clear–I am the president! That poor guy who called asking for the president, Mr. Dave Randall. Ha.

Over twenty years ago, with the belief that I should be able to make a living while raising our three children, I started a small gift business that specialized in real pressed flowers. Over time our little adventure evolved into importing beautiful Fair Trade jewelry from a small family business. We have watched their children grow, and they have watched ours. It is amazing, as we still need a translator to communicate! 🙂

We are grateful to our long-standing customers, such as The Atlanta Botanical Garden, The Biltmore Estate, The Florida State Capitol, The Hermitage, and other famous botanical gardens and museums. To them, we owe a debt of gratitude for their long time faithfulness, patient teaching, kindness, and support.

As often happens, life has defining moments. Several years ago, we experienced a trauma that resulted in my father’s (veteran of WWII Battle of the Bulge) death and the exacerbation of my mother’s dementia. This devastating event was the impetus for my sister, mom and my decision to try and make a change in the world.

After several trips to Wisconsin, including funerals, presentations before a legislative assembly committee, then senate committee, awards to my mom, and an official bill signing, Silver Alert was put into law in Wisconsin.

Now, in Wisconsin, if a senior citizen gets lost, there is a statewide search by police, highway signs, television, radio and lottery screens. Another senior citizen doesn’t have to die due to a lack of a search. My mom received a standing ovation by the Wisconsin senate. My dad would be so proud.

“Our eyes were opened and we found a purpose in our very painful situation.
Our goal is that, in the near future, Botanical Gifts would be a tool to help advocate for seniors, and even more so, to help promote healthful lifestyles in the hope that, one day, dementia is drastically reduced in our country. ”